4 Ways Reaching Out to Help Others Can Support Your Growth

Helping others have many advantages that you may have

Helping others might seem a simple gesture to give. In fact, it can assist you, the giver to achieve things you never thought you would.


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Even though sometimes people take advantage, I still love to support them. You can do so as well, just make sure you’re doing it for the right cause. I offer support to those in need or when I feel like doing it anyway.

Why You Should Think about the Total Solution of Your Goal

When you stop thinking about our goals, you stop working on them

Do you always think about the total solution before you start to work on any goal? Allow your final product to linger in your mind before you embark on the journey of creating it.


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I love technology and helping other people by any means. To make the love of technology and helping others a reality I’d always dreamed about showing people how to use technology. This action has helped me to shape my career.

5 Ways to Create a Healthy Environment for Your Children

Be there for your children when they need you!

Raising children in a healthy environment has become more complicated. Leave alone surrounding noise and the busy life of both parents working hard to create that healthy environment for their children.


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When I was growing, my parents were my role modules. I learned from them the aspects of life and how to be ready when disaster strikes. They were and still are my go-to people whenever I have any topic of discussion.

3 Things That Will Influence Your Employer to Want to Keep You

Your Professional Development is Your Responsibility, not Your Employer’s.

What role can you play to influence your employer to want to keep you? Many have asked me on several occasions about career development.


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I was hired from a temporary assignment to a full time employee because I lent a hand to the hiring manager. Give more to your employer if you want them to keep you for a while. A little help can significantly boost their moral to keep you.

7 Most Effective Ways to Solve an Incident

Discover the Cause of an Incident before You Offer a Solution.

How many times have you offered a solution without understating the incident and what caused it? If that has happened to you before, you are not alone; it has occurred to me on several occasions.


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As a desktop support technician, I was called to solve a printer incident. I started to mess around with the configuration that did not address the issue. Eventually, I discovered that it was a cable issue.

10 Powerful Questions to Help You Free Your Time to Focus on Productivity

This Tool will Walk You Through the Path Toward Greater Effectiveness and Success

If productivity was a game, what would your score be? Would you beat the record or sit down and wish you could?


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A significant number of us start any task but fail to focus and complete them. Even if you aren’t competitive, how would you rank your ability to plan, prioritize, organize, and execute your tasks? It might sound easy, but takes a tremendous amount of time.

5 Powerful Focus Areas You Need to Consider to Achieve Your Goals

Start your goals with smaller tasks that you can knock down quickly to gain traction

Have you ever developed a goal and failed to accomplished it? In my opinion, anyone can craft a goal and work hard to accomplish it. Unfortunately, only a few cross that finish line.


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Why are we not crossing the finish line when it comes to personal goals? The answer is plain simple; we lose focus and interest in the middle of the journey. So often we get destructed by other things that don’t help.

How to Lead Your Team Without Authority

Influence Them to Achieve the Tasks Instead of giving Commands.

A good leader knows how to lead a team to a destination without giving commands. This quality of leadership is rare, especially when we want to accomplish more with less people.


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In my first job for non-for-profit organization, I scheduled maintenance for eight cars. Even though I was not their direct supervisor, I worked closely with the drivers. We tracked the mileage of these cars to schedule the maintenance. Soon I realized that I was not getting what I wanted because of the way I was requesting it.

5 Ways You Can Develop Yourself to Become Marketable in the Workplace

Change your mindset if you want to develop yourself

How many times have we dreamed about success, but fail to take the necessary steps to achieve it? The truth of the matter is that we must develop ourselves and change our mindset if we want to achieve success.


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It was a Monday morning; an employee who looked angry walked to his manager’s office. How can I help you? Says the manager. In an angry, tone he said, “I have been here for ten years, why did you promote John, not me.”

How We Paid Less Attention to our Daughters and Sons Failure

A True Friend will not Let You Down

There was a little girl who lived with her parents, an older brother, and a baby sister in a small and busy town. Everyone in the neighborhood seemed busy with their lives and paid less attention to one another.


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At a certain point in her life, the little girl thought that no one cared about her because no one paid attention to her needs.  All that she wanted was a friend who could talk to her and take her to places she had wished to visit.