4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Employee Engagement


A significant number of authors have written articles about employee engagement. We’ve read some of these articles and have even adopted some of the activities presented in them. Why are we not fully engaged in our work? It is because sometimes we fail to understand our responsibilities towards employee engagement; thinking that it is our manager’s responsibility to motivate us. Here are four easy ways that may help us boost our employee engagement at work.

Volunteer at Work: Why is volunteerism so important? When we volunteer, we feel happy for helping others. The happiness we gain from helping others boosts self-confidence, encourages participation and enhances performance. When we are confident and happy, we feel proud of ourselves.

Pride gives us the will-power of doing more allowing us to contribute extra in the work environment. By doing so, our level of performance is greatly enhanced and we present creative ideas through innovative activities.

Learn a New Skill: Learning a new skill infuses the willingness of applying it. It encourages us to go to work wanting to showcase our new skill-set to our co-workers and managers.

Flashback to your childhood and remember when you learned a new and crazy skill that you had wanted to show your friends, parents, and teachers. Learning new skills gives us the confidence we need in order to present our new ideas.

Offer Others Your Support: How many of you have felt that you are not contributing your talents to the fullest? I am sure that you have been there at a certain point of time and have felt helpless. If you haven’t experienced such a situation, good for you, but it means that you are not working on your progress. Why?

Well, it is simple, we obtain several hidden talents that go by unacknowledged. Those may range from being super creative and not expressing your thoughts; to having the ability to memorize important detail and not realizing it. Sometimes we have hidden talents that we are not able to apply due to our roles. We often are not aware that helping others can bring out our inner talents.

Motivate Yourself: Quite frequently we find ourselves asking how to to become self motivated. Often, we think that it is our manager’s responsibility to motivate us, yet sometimes, it is not. You need to find something at your work that makes you, feel happy. Whether that is staying organized and on top of your game, or finding solutions to problems that may occur, to simply putting a smile on someones face.

As for me, I like to support others by volunteering in small committees. I recently lead a committee that organized a summer picnic for the employees and their families. You can find something that makes you happy to come to work. Motivation comes when there is happiness in what we do, which then encourages our confidence, participation, and ultimately enhances our performances.

What else can you do to boost your employee engagement? 

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