4 Types of Personalities for Your Team Success

Know Each Personality and How to Interact with Them Accordingly!

Nobody wants to struggle anymore; we want our tasks and projects completed without any road blocks. We tend to select those with our same personality to avoid challenges those with different personalities might impose to our opinions. 

The truth is, we are missing opportunities. Active teams are those with people who have different personalities to complete each other.

I once led a church group for six years. During the first years, I’d wanted every member to agree with the rest of the team on every single topic. I found it difficult to comprehend when one team members were not on board with the team.

After some time, I came to a realization that we are different in some ways. Each one of us has a different set of understandings. We can have the same issue, but each of us will take a different route to a solution. 

Lesson learned is that differences in opinion is good for productivity. As long as you disagree to agree; everything else should be okay. As a leader, you need to understand each personality and what it can bring to the team.

Here are the four major personalities you might need on your team to function effectively.

The Thinkers: Thinkers tend to be the brain of the team. They are the ones who use their time to find solutions for whatever problem the team might be facing.

They thoroughly make a list of all the tasks needed to accomplish a goal. Although they have the ability to find practical solutions; they might be perceived as time killers, and slow in action. As a leader, you need the thinkers to make a plan for your project.

The Doers: Doers are the dynamo of the team; they get things done at a faster phase. If you want a task to be completed faster, give it to this group.

Even though they get things done faster; they might be seen as jumping to conclusion without thinking, unorganized, and lacking analytic skills. This type of personality is needed to take care of plans presented by the thinkers.

The Critiques: Critiques might see what is coming. They have the ability to analyze any situation and see what harm might show itself on the way.

They can help the team to avoid a major setback by providing analysis results. While they have strong ability to analyze situations; people may identify them as afraid of failure, difficult to deal with, time killer, and slow on action.

The Caring: They are kind, inclusive, and like to hold hands when making a decision. They want to guarantee that everybody is on board before they make any major decision.

They are sensitive to what is happening to others around them and are quick to lend a hand any team member struggle with a task. They might be seen as afraid to raise their opinions, and following the crowd.

In the end, all these personalities are necessary for an active team. A good leader needs to understand these different characters and know how to cope with each one accordingly.

Question: What are other major personalities do you know? 

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