4 Ways to Escape the Dilemma of “I am not Ready Yet”

What Will People Say About My Ideas?

We have great ideas within us, but the vast majority of us will never act on these ideas. We fall into the dilemma of “I am not ready yet” and abandon these ideas.


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To illustrate, I had the idea of starting my blog for many years, but had been delaying it for quite a while. I’d created some excuses for not starting. I convinced myself that I could not do it.

Consequently, this dilemma had prevented me from starting a blog. It gave me reasons to not start. These ideas always seem real and may prevent us from starting any new adventure if we believe in them.

I Had No Money to Start a Blog

How many of you have abandoned their dreams because of money issue? I believe money is essential for starting any business. But, there are other options you can start with little to no money.

Repeatedly, I kept telling myself that I had no money to start a blog. I surely needed some money to start, but money was not the issue. Indeed, it was the excuse I created and could not let go.

Strangely enough, there are many resources, which cost less. Do your research for the tools that you need to start your adventure. Chances are you may have what you need in front of you at a fraction of what you thought.

I Had No Ideas to Write About

As a newbie in this field, my thoughts were that I would not have anything to say. I said to myself, what if people will not read what I write. What if they don’t like my ideas?

In fact, these negative thoughts had not helped me in any way. I would encourage you to stop thinking negatively about your adventure. Change your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Forget about being perfect, just start with perfection as a goal. Believe me, once you start writing your blog, new ideas will flow like a river. Begin with a simple idea and build it from there.

What if I Fail Miserably

Fear of failure stops a good number of us from starting anything. If you keep on being afraid of failure, you will never start anything. Fear numbs us; with it, we become idle.

I used to tell myself, “What if I fail to start my blog?” Am I going to keep up with my weekly schedule of posting a new blog? Will readers be interested in what I write?

After going through the 30 Days of Hustle, by Jon Acuff, I was able to get rid of my fears and started to blog. Once started, I realized that my fears were not valid.

What Will People Say About My Ideas

Sometimes, we judge ourselves depending on what others say about us. Remember when you are doing something to improve your life, people will criticize. Not only that, you will gradually start to make more enemies.

With this in mind, you can listen to what they say. But make no mistake of trying to adjust yourself based on what they have to said. Take the good advice and leave the bad ones away.

Be bold on who you are and do what you were meant to do. We are created uniquely different. Do you, not what someone else tells you to do.

Question: What has prevented you from starting your adventure?

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