4 Ways Reaching Out to Help Others Can Support Your Growth

Helping others have many advantages that you may have

Helping others might seem a simple gesture to give. In fact, it can assist you, the giver to achieve things you never thought you would.


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Even though sometimes people take advantage, I still love to support them. You can do so as well, just make sure you’re doing it for the right cause. I offer support to those in need or when I feel like doing it anyway.

When I support others, what’s in it for me? I suppose you may be asking this question now. Helping others have many advantages that you may have. Here are only a few that I’ve experienced.


Don’t you feel happy when you help a blind person to cross a high traffic road? I don’t know about you, but I feel so glad when I do such a thing. We automatically feel happy when we do something kind to others.

“There’s a medical and scientific proof that if you stay pleasant for 24 hours without a moment of anxiety, the sharpness of your intellect will go up 100%.” Sadhguru. Isn’t that amazing? Who doesn’t want to be smart?

Knowing this, shouldn’t you be helping others more often to boost your intellect? I’d do the same as well. Discover what you can do in your spare time to help others.


Often, we try to look for peace where it does not exist. We may travel miles away from home to find peace. Only to discover that we can create our peace and calmness wherever we are.

Leave alone the expenses we collect when trying to find a peaceful place. People spend millions of dollars to find peace. The question is, have they found the peace they are looking for?

The answer is, probably not. Look nowhere for peace; real peace resides within you. Lending a hand to others may just give you a sense of peace. If you don’t believe this, just do it and find it out for yourself.


How many times have you helped another person just to discover something new you didn’t know? It has happened to me before. As a computer tech, I learned new tricks when helping others with their issues.

It’s incredible when you learn something new just by helping someone else. In the end, both you as the helper and the person you’ve helped will be satisfied. Satisfaction gives us more self-confidence.

I encourage you to lend a hand whenever you have a chance. It may help you to learn something you never thought you would. It can tremendously increase your self-confidence.


Every time you help someone, you create a new friendship.  Most of the times when we help others, we become friends with those people. It resonates more with them when we support them in their difficult times.

People will not forget when you lend them a hand when they most need it.  They become emotional and remember the situation they were in and how they got out of it. They will always be thankful for you.

When it’s your time, they may help you without hesitation. I encourage you to lend a hand when you see someone in need. You never know when you’re going to need support.

Question: What else have you experienced when helping others?

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