5 Common Lies Procrastination Keep Telling You

If You Postpone It Today, You Will Most Likely Postpone It Tomorrow!

Growing up, I had a bad habit of overthinking without taking actions. Because of the negative impact of the practice, I’ve missed some great opportunities to achieve my life goals.


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Not until recent years, I came to realize that I’d fallen into the trap of procrastination. I had been planning for my life but took no actions on my plans. If you ask me today about all the dreams I had, I’ll give you a dozen of them.

Consequently, procrastination swindles us to overthink. The good news is that we can control our minds to beat procrastination and start achieving our goals again. To control our minds, we must understand its game plan.

Here are the plans procrastination uses to lie to us.

PLAN ONE: Do it Later

How many times have you postponed an easy task for a later date? The problem is that most of the times LATER never comes. If you postpone that easy task today, you are most likely going to postpone it again tomorrow.

Instead of postponing the task, do it now and forget about it. After all, easy tasks are the most ones not remembered. Considering this, do that easy task before you forget it.

PLAN TWO: You are not Ready Yet

Sometimes, we delay our tasks thinking we are not ready yet. If you develop the idea of being fully prepared to start, you may never start any. I am not encouraging you to act without a plan; do plan but take actions.

In any case, you may start with the little idea you have and make changes as you go. Initiating the task may be a motivator that will keep you going. As you continue, always remember the bigger picture and why you are doing it.

PLAN THREE: Your Idea is not Perfect

Unfortunately, perfection may give you a false idea of good quality. It will delay you from starting any task. If you seek perfection, you are most likely going to achieve fewer goals.

Be that as it may, start the task and look for ways to make it better. There is no point of seeking perfection without even starting. In the end, it is your product you can make any change you want. 

PLAN FOUR: You are Going to Fail

Those who win in life are the ones who fail and start over again and again. If you are afraid to fail, you are most likely not going to do something great. Fear makes us miss opportunities.

In contrary, do not be afraid of starting a scary task. What makes you scared is what makes you great. The worse that can happen to you is to regret one day why you did not do something.

PLAN FIVE: You don’t Know What You Are Doing

A procrastinator may not start a task because they feel they do not know what they are about to start. Most of the times these are negative thoughts. These thoughts make us stop pursuing our dreams. 

Instead of thinking negatively about a task, think of the positive side. By thinking positively about it, we attract positive results into our lives.

Question: What other procrastination lies have you come across?

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