5 Powerful Focus Areas You Need to Consider to Achieve Your Goals

Start your goals with smaller tasks that you can knock down quickly to gain traction

Have you ever developed a goal and failed to accomplished it? In my opinion, anyone can craft a goal and work hard to accomplish it. Unfortunately, only a few cross that finish line.


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Why are we not crossing the finish line when it comes to personal goals? The answer is plain simple; we lose focus and interest in the middle of the journey. So often we get destructed by other things that don’t help.

As I am writing this post, I have been destructed three times already. Try to filter all the destruction when working on your goals. I know it is not easy but is doable.

Therefore, before you embark the journey of achieving your goals; consider these points to ease the process. These simple, yet powerful points may significantly help you to achieve your goals. What are these points?

Be Specific About Your Goal

Some of us are not able to accomplish goals because we are not clear about what we want. It’s hard to start any task when we are not clear about what we want. Therefore, may not accomplish a goal.

A well-defined goal will give you clues as to where to start. Develop a clear goal and picture the final result. What is it that you want to accomplish? Create an image of the result as if you have achieved it.

What Resource do You Have Now?

What resources do you currently have that you can use for the project? Sometimes, it may seem like we have no resources for our projects. Look around; you may have more than what you need.

List all the resources you already have; starting from small to big. They may help you to take a closer step towards the achievement of your goal. Listing the resources may also contribute to determining what is missing.

Define Your Next Step

Now that you have developed a clear picture of your goal, what is your trigger? If you don’t know your trigger, you may start slow or never start. Sometimes, we plan our goals but never start working on them.

Find a task that may help you to start. There may be many tasks to start your project; examine all of them and select the one that seems appropriate. Once you have a task, start right away.

Start with a Small Task

Sometimes we start with big, boring and complicated tasks. If you can’t finish the first task of your goal, you get stuck. It takes a significant amount of time and effort to recover and get going again.

At any rate, start your goals with smaller tasks that you can knock down quickly to gain traction. Getting these little tasks out of the way boosts our energy to keep on going. You don’t have to start them in the same order as you planned them.

Keep the Momentum and Focus 

Strangely enough, completing smaller tasks gives you the energy to keep on accelerating. Do not slow down because you’ve accomplished the smaller tasks. If you do, you become lazy and get stuck in case you hit a wall.

Above all, use the extra time to make some improvements. If you complete a task before your planned date, do not wait for the next one’s time to begin; start on it right away. You will be happy you did.

Questions: What are other things that you can do to tackle your goals?

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