5 Secrets to Landing Your Dream Career

Is College Graduation Alone Enough for Landing a Dream Career?

If you want to land your dream career faster, you must know all the secrets that will guide you through the process. In my teenage years, I thought graduating college was the only weapon I needed to land my dream career.

In my sophomore year, I discovered that it required more than just graduating college. By then, I’d met many people who have graduated college but had not landed their dream career. I began to doubt college!

I asked myself, “Why was I wasting my time if those who graduated college could not land their dream job?” I almost lost hope and thought of quitting college for that matter. On the other hand, I also met people who graduated college and had landed their dream career.

The two groups were contradicting to each other. To convince myself, I began talking to both groups to understand why one group landed their dream career and the other didn’t. After multiple meetings and visits, I came to a conclusion that college alone was not enough to land a dream job. I discovered that the group that landed their dream job did more than graduating college. If you want to land your dream job faster; here is a list of the five secrets I’ve learned about landing a dream job faster.

Research the Market: Before you start looking for your dream career, do a little bit of research for its marketability. Some careers are not marketable and are difficult to come across. There are many resources you can use to research your dream career:

  1. Start with your local newspapers.
  2. You can also check sites like indeed
  3. Forbes is another excellent resource to consider

The bottom line is to do some research!

Volunteer: There are numerous ways you can volunteer in your local community. You might ask, “Why volunteer?” Volunteering gives you some experience and gets you to know and connect with potential hiring managers. A resource I’ve used in the past to volunteer is volunteer match.

Find an Internship: Internships is another way of connecting with potential hiring managers. Look for an internship in the area you are interested in and pursue it. During an internship, be curious, and learn more about your field of interest.

Develop a Killer Resume: Once you’ve learned and taken a direction for your dream career, it is time to create a killer resume that will impress the hiring manager. A killer resume must have these ingredients:

  1. Start your resume with a sentence to please your readers
  2. List your accomplishments, if you don’t have a work-related ones, no problem, you can list
    • A school project you completed
    • A home project you completed
  3.  List your transformation skills
    • Problem solving
    • Team player
    • Team leading
  4. Get a professional format for your resume
  5. Check the details
    • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Sentence flow

Remember, your resume should help you to build your brand. Spend quality time to build and design your resume. Most importantly, keep it short and neat.

Connect with Potential Employers: Start connecting with those in the hiring positions. Ask them about the requirement needed for a career in an area of your interest. Most of the hiring professional will give you the directions you want. When you meet them, always take notes, and for their contact information, and give them your contact information as well.

Question: What could you do apart from what I have outlined to land a new career?

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