5 Things That Make Your Marriage Unsafe

Make Your Marriage Plans the Topic of Your Discussion

It is not an easy task to find that one person to spend the rest of life with, in a marriage. Once you get married, what could you do to keep the marriage safe?


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A study conducted by the Austin Institute for Family and Culture revealed that the number of divorced Americans had lingered between 40 and 50% since the 1970’s.

The study has also revealed that divorces happen when the couples are not on the same page. A marriage may be safe when both put similar efforts. There are numerous reasons for divorce; these below are common.

Lack of Communication

Communication is essential for any relationship to grow. Without adequate communication, there will always be a misunderstanding. For this reason, married couples must work on their communication.

An assumption is a big problem in a relationship. Every so often, each of the spouses assumes that the other understands their needs. Stop expecting, communicate to your husband or wife your needs.

At this time, schedule time between you and your spouse away from destruction. Make your marriage plans the topic of your discussion. It is around the table that both of you will understand each other.

Finances Control

Likewise, financial issues are one of the key players in marriage breaks. It often happens when one spouse has more income than the other. Without resolving this issue, the marriage may be bumpy.

Often the problems start when the spouse that make the most money tries to dictate money usage. I tell people that once they are married, the game is over. Learn how to share the burden and financial control.

Ironically, each spouse needs to contribute based on their income. But it should not automatically make the one that makes more money assume financial control. Plan your finances together.

Lack of a Vision

Before getting married, what was your vision? A good number of divorced couples have gotten married without a vision for their lives. Both the married couples should have the same views.

Be that as it may be, without a clear vision, both spouses may part their ways. It leads to making decisions that do not serve all. As a consequence, both will always argue about family matters.

Develop a clear vision for your marriage before you get involved. Adjust it as you go, it is never late. A clear picture may shed light to why you want to get married in the first place.

 Getting Married for Wrong Reasons

Some people get married because they want to keep up with others. It could be a friend, family member, or the community surrounding. This type of marriages often ends up breaking.

If you marry because you want to keep up with others, you may have a rocky marriage. You may not fully understand how to handle your spouse. You may also end up with a wrong partner.

Incidentally, do not follow others or be forced by a situation to get married. Base your marriage on love and understanding. Only by then, you may create a profound sense of intimacy.

Lack of Intimacy

Your marriage should purely depend on love. Love brings both spouses closer; without it, there is no intimacy. You only reach the level of intimacy when you both know each other deeply.

At this point, your marriage is breakable due to lack of intimacy. Both spouses became vulnerable to infidelity. Your marriage is no longer safe once infidelity enters into your lives.

Finally, develop a good communication practice.  Discuss and manage your finances. Have a clear vision for your marriage and the reason why you are getting married. Nurture the love you have for each other to increase intimacy.

Question: How can you make your marriage safe?

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