5 Ways You Can Develop Yourself to Become Marketable in the Workplace

Change your mindset if you want to develop yourself

How many times have we dreamed about success, but fail to take the necessary steps to achieve it? The truth of the matter is that we must develop ourselves and change our mindset if we want to achieve success.


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It was a Monday morning; an employee who looked angry walked to his manager’s office. How can I help you? Says the manager. In an angry, tone he said, “I have been here for ten years, why did you promote John, not me.”

The manager replied, “Well, John prepared himself well for the job.” The employee insisted, “What did John do that I did not do?” The manager replied in a calm voice, “Here are the steps John took to prepare him for the job, I hope they will help you too.”

He Developed Professional Skills

At this time around, every company is cautious when it comes to staffing. A good number of employers are striving to keep the most talented employees. What is it that you have that makes your organization want to keep you?

Before you go around asking for a promotion, work on developing yourself for the next job. If you come to work, do your daily routine, and leave at the end of the day; you are not developing yourself.

He Stood Up to His Inner Negative Voices

A significant number of us have inner negative voices that hinder our development. These voices only get louder and louder as we allow them. They’ll always tell us what we are not capable of doing something big.

Instead, stand up to those voices and replace them with positive ones. Once you allow them to become louder, they will overshadow any step you take to develop yourself. They give you this delusional images of failure.

He Created an Urgency for his Development

Most people wait for the right time to do anything. The problem is that sometimes, the right time will never come. As a result, they postpone their plans as if they will live up to 120 years.

What is your developmental goal? Start it today. Chances are you may not find another opportunity to do that. Create a plan, stay focused and complete whatever you want to do to develop yourself.

He Created an Accountability

How many times have we blamed others for our situations? I did not get the promotion because my manager preferred the other person than me. The fact of the matter is that the individual worked hard on developmental activities.

Become accountable for your development; it is nobody’s responsibility but yours. Discover what is it that you want to develop in and plan it. You can discuss it with your manager, but it is your responsibility.

He Did it Massively

Small development will not make you stand out. Yes, you will develop a little bit of your skill set. The question that remains is, would it make you stand out in away that your employers would want to keep you?

Develop a skill set that will set you to stand out. Employers may keep you for these two main reasons. First, they’ll miss on a talent if you leave them. Second, you may take your experience to competitors.

Question: What else can you do to stand out?

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