5 Ways to Create a Healthy Environment for Your Children

Be there for your children when they need you!

Raising children in a healthy environment has become more complicated. Leave alone surrounding noise and the busy life of both parents working hard to create that healthy environment for their children.


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When I was growing, my parents were my role modules. I learned from them the aspects of life and how to be ready when disaster strikes. They were and still are my go-to people whenever I have any topic of discussion.

Today’s environment is different; kids have many outside influencers. They connect to these influencers more than to their parents.  So what can we do as parents to stay connected to our children?

If we want to stay connected to our children, we must create a healthy environment for them.  How can we create this environment? To create a healthy environment for our children; here are simple things we can do. 

Be there for them

Children who run away from their parents do so for several reasons. One of the reasons is the lack of the parents’ presence. These parents are just not present when the kids mostly need them.

I do understand that sometimes parents are busy trying to make ends meet. Some may work more extended hours and come home while kids are asleep. Others are exhausted when they come back.

No matter how hard you work, lack of your presence is bad news. On the other hand, spending quality time with your children will bring them closer to you. If you don’t, they’ll try to find their comfort somewhere else.

Work together with their Schools

Children spend most of their day in schools. The chances are that your child’s teacher knows more about your child than you do. Teachers can discover patterns of behaviors that you, as the parents, are unable to see at home.

Your child’s teacher is your second eye that sees the child every day. Use that opportunity to help the growth of your child. Utilize the information you get from your child’s teacher to help them grow.

Develop a connection with your children’s teachers. They may help you uncover things that you alone could not. Sometimes, this is not the case; some parents are defensive when teachers talk to them about their kids.

Listen to them when they Start a Conversation

When I was growing, my dad used to tell us stories about his teen life. The stories were funny, sad, life lessons, and adventurous. He always said to us that unlike him, we were lucky to have someone to tell us stories.

I tell you, we used to ask him silly questions. He used the opportunity to explain to us the good and bad sides of his stories. It was always a conversation time between a father and his children.

As a parent now, I try to talk and listen to my children whenever there is an opportunity. Make an effort to strike a conversation with your children. By doing so, you may learn a lot about their lives and what they encounter.

Teach Them The Fear of God

Whether you are a religious person or not, fear of God may teach you how to become obedience. It also shows the children how to obey their parents. The way we teach them the fear of God plays a prominent role.

You can not teach someone something that you are not practicing. Before you teach your children how to become obedient, you must first become obedient yourself. Show them the example, then they will follow you.

It is not enough to tell them to fear God; you must also show them that you are doing the same. Once they see you as an example, then they may be able to follow. Actions always speak louder than words.

Discipline them When They do Wrong

Sometimes, children are disrespecting parents, but the parents do nothing about it. If you don’t discipline your children when they do wrong, you are contributing to their wrongdoing. How can you teach them?

There are countless ways to discipline a child. The only way I do not encourage is the abuse of a child in any mean. I do not support a physical or mental abuse of a child; loving discipline them.

Most parents used time-out for younger children. Some take away their favorite toys, and others make them do something as a punishment. No matter how you discipline them, do it kindly.

Question: What else can you do to connect with your child?

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