6 Things Every Employee Should Consider

You worked hard to get your dream job, now what? A good number of employees will settle in with the dream career and even start under performing.


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When I started my first career, I was overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do. Coming from a job where the team leader gave me the work of the day; I was now in a position of choosing my work of the day. I had to learn the discipline of planning my day when I start my shift.

Even though I had directions from my manager, I had to triage situations I faced and decided where to start. It was an excellent opportunity for me to understand triaging and decision making processes. It was hard in the beginning but became easier as the years passed.

To keep your career or excel in it, you need some disciplines. Know the Dos and Don’ts of the workplace and learn how to teach yourself to keep and excel in your career. I have listed listed down the Dos and Don’ts one must embrace.

The Dos

They are simple yet powerful discipline one must have to keep or excel in a career.

Come to Work on Time

I know if survey people on this topic, I will get many answers. To me, being on time is to be at your workplace 10 to 15 minutes before your shift begins. You will impress your employers if you come this early. 

Why do you need to be this early to your workplace? The answer is you need to be ready for the day. If you come right on time, you may not have enough time to prepare for the day.

Provide More Than Your Employer Requests

Some people will come in, do their job and leave at the end of the day. This action is not okay for your growth, take the extra mile. Give your opinion on something that will help your team.

Offer your suggestions even if the matter does not involve your team or you in person. Guess what? You will solve a problem for your company and make your leadership proud of you.

Lend a Hand When Asked

When you see someone else in your team struggling with a project or a task, give them your support. We all need a little help sometimes. People will appreciate and remember the little help you provided them.

In the bigger picture, your employer will keep this for future.  Those who get promoted are the ones who have such attitudes. Just be careful not to let others make you do their jobs.

The Don’ts

There are also things we need not do if we want to keep our jobs for a long time.

Do not Complain Too Much About Work Load

If you complain too much at work, stop it. It is not good for your career; it degrades your personality. Most of the people do not like complainers, so is your employer.

You may complain at any time you like, but do it only when there is a need for it. Sometimes, you may feel like you are the only one having problems. Before you complain about it, just listen to other people’s stories.

Do not Compare What You do to Others

Most of the times, I hear people saying this phrase, “Why am I am doing more work than that person?” The reality is you don’t know everybody’s contributions.

Instead, focus on doing your part and forget about what others are doing. Comparing your work to others may instill the attitude of “I am not doing it.” This approach will negatively impact your career.

Do not Have the I Don’t Care Attitude

Sometimes, people will develop the “I don’t care attitude” and start doing things carelessly. Remember that carelessness is toxic for a work environment. It will hinder your life and the lives of others.

Be mindful of what you do and the people around you at work. If you do, everyone will go home to their families safe. Carelessness could lead to low job performance and even termination.

Question: What are other disciplines one need to learn to keep their job? 

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