6 Ways to Prepare for a Promotion

Do a Better Job in Your Current Position!

You’ve worked for the same company in the same position for many years hoping for a promotion but could not get one. To make matter worse, your manager has promoted those who came after you.

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Then you ask yourself, “What have I done wrong?” The answer is that you have not done anything wrong, you just needed to take some few steps to win your promotion.

A good number of us will not get the promotion they have been hoping to get. We are not taking the right steps to win the promotion we believe we deserve. In my career, I have learned that we can only get what we work hard to get.

Before we jump into action, we need to know what blocks us from getting promoted. Here is a list of the primary blockers of career promotion.

We are Sleeping in a Comfort Zone: We fill safe and comfortable in what we do, therefore, do not show our employers the eagerness of promotion.

We are Only Doing the Norm: A good number of us come to work, do the daily routine, and leave office without doing anything out of the ordinary.

We are Not Developing Ourselves: Some of us will have a chance to develop themselves but will take no action. Managers want to promote people who are willing to learn.

These three are not the only reasons why people do not get promoted. There are other reasons as to why they are not getting promoted, but the above mentioned three are the popular ones.

To get the promotion you hope for, here are what you need to do to make your manager consider you for the promotion.

Do a Better Job in Your Current Position

If you have a job, do your best as if it is your last one.  Even when you are actively looking for or developing for the next job, do no lose focus on the current one. Do not be more attached to what you don’t have yet. It may lead to bad performance.

Amplify What You are Doing Right

Discover what you are doing right and do more of it. Career mentors often tell us to find our weaknesses and fix them. There is nothing wrong with that; the only setback is that it may drain your energy from shining on your strengths. Know your weaknesses, discover a way to avoid them, work more on your strengths.

Do more Than What is Expected

The Daily routine is not enough to win a promotion or the heart of a new employer. Do something out of the ordinary, even if nobody asks. Look for volunteer or other opportunities to do more than your regular job.

Find and Focused on a Developmental Goal

Managers want to see their employees develop themselves. You need to show them that you are willing to take on new opportunities by learning something new. Development will open other doors for you.

Connect with Others Out of Your Circle

What good does it make if you only stay close to like-minded people? It may not help you learn and do things differently. Break away from the norms and do something extraordinary to win the heart of your manager to promote you.

Discuss Your Career Goals With Your Manager

A manager might give you the path to your promotion. Ask for options and what you can do to prepare for your next step. Do not just go to your manager and ask for a promotion, it doesn’t work that way. Take the proper process to your development; you are the driving force.

Question: What else could you do to gain promotion?

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