6 Ways to Keep a Team Motivated

A Team Leader Who Motivates Team Gets More Done!

In my teenage years, my classmates asked me to lead a group of teenagers to plan a summer picnic towards the end of the school year.


That was a big deal to me, a summer picnic? I imagined myself leading the group to plan a killer picnic, all the chicks surrounding me, and everyone else congratulating me for a job well done. What a dream! I started giving orders to the group; you know how teenagers dislike what I was doing. I thought I was killing it.

To make a long story short, I blew it and ended up doing almost all the planning activities on my own. If you ask me to do the same thing today, I’d instead motivate my team members to plan the picnic. Here are 6 ways you can use to motivate your team.

Know Each Team Members and Their Personal Interests: Let’s face it; everyone needs an attention. Team members are willing to do more when they feel their leader appreciates them. As a team leader, you must know each team member and their personal interest. People will be more interested in you when you show them you are interested in them.

Make the Your Goal Personal to Them: Encourage them to own the goal. If team members do not feel they have something to gain, they will not do much. Make it personal to each team members and let them take the responsibility of accomplishing it. They will work hard for you.

Stretch Each Team Member Out of Their Comfort Zone: When you stretch them out of their comfort zones, they gain new skills set. It gives them the opportunity to build self-confidence and do more with the new skills set they’ve just learned. In the end, they become proud of themselves and their leader.

Let Them Know the Importance of the Task: Knowing the importance of the task keeps them aligned to the goal. Aligning themselves to the goal only gives them the motivation to work hard to achieve it. As the leader, remind them how awesome the picnic could be if they plan it well. Give them imagination of how successful the picnic would be if they spend extra time in the planning it.

Make Them Believe I am Adding Value to Them: Everybody wants to become a better person, but only a few take actions on their own. A little bit of motivation will help others start on the process. Help your team members grow and make them have the feeling that you are truly adding value to them. Only when people know that you are adding value to them, they will support your goal.

Celebrate Their Accomplishments: When we get that pat on the back, we feel happy that we have accomplished something. Team members need to feel that they have accomplished something big, so help them by celebrating their accomplishment with them.

I wish I had learned this lesson early enough! What would you do differently to lead a team to achieve a goal?

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