How Bad Do You Want to Achieve Your Goal?

Start with the Most Challenging Aspect of Your Goal

What is it that motivates you to achieve your crafted goal? Many people will craft great goals; only a few will accomplish them because they lack motivators when their plans don’t go their way.


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Examine your goal for reasons why you badly want to achieve it. What is the reward you’ll have for achieving your career goal? If it’s a personal goal what are you going to win in the end? What is in it for you and those you’ll serve?

All these questions can help you keep on moving with your goal when the going gets tough. Do not get discouraged; you’re not alone. To make the journey a little more comfortable, consider these simple things.

Visualize Your Goal When Accomplished

Even if you haven’t achieved it yet, it’s a good idea to imagine the result. Visualizing your accomplished goal is a great motivator that will keep you moving forward. It will help you to keep the momentum and push on.

Dream about how this goal is going to change your life. One danger many people fall for is to take this opportunity to sleep. By sleep I meant ‘doing nothing’ about the goal; sit back and hallucinating.

Stop Dreaming and Start Acting

Okay, I previously mentioned that you should dream about your goal achievement. There is nothing wrong with that; what is wrong is if you took no action and kept on imagining. It’s good to visualize your dreams but act upon them.

At the end of the day, nothing will get accomplished unless you take tangible actions. Start acting on your goal the way you planned it. Some of your tasks will need to be adjusted, that is fine; you just need to keep on moving forward.

Believe in Your Abilities

No matter how beautifully you craft your goal; you won’t achieve it if you don’t trust in your abilities. Remember that it is your goal, you are the one who crafted it. Nobody else will accomplish it for you.

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Start with the most challenging aspect of your goal and use your ability to get that task done. Getting rid of the most challenging talks builds self-confidence; bingo, that is what you need.

Persist Until You Achieve Your Goal

It is easy to get off the track when dealing with your goals. Some people will quit their goals when the going gets tough. Are you going to be one of them? I am sure you don’t want to be, neither do I.

So what can you do to keep going? Develop a habit of persistence. No matter what happens, keep moving forward with your goal. Keep on adjusting your tasks and continue with the journey until you reach the end.

Question: What else can you do to achieve your goals?

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