How to Use a CAR to Impress an Employer

Tell Your Employer Your Stories to Impress Them!

When shopping for a new car what are you looking for? Most of us will look for durability, muscle power, speed, and security. At the end of the day, we want a car that will make us happy.


The same happens when we look for a dream career. Most of us will be looking for a long-lasting, powerful job that will pay us more money in a short time, and give us the life security we need.

How to Know What to Major in College

Is What You Want to Major in College Your Passion?

There are a good number of questions people ask about success. The question they frequently ask is whether they should attend a college or not. And if they attend a college, what major should they pursue?


When I decided to attend a college, I was blessed to meet an advisor who helped. I’d wanted to become a computer programmer.

5 Secrets to Landing Your Dream Career

Is College Graduation Alone Enough for Landing a Dream Career?

If you want to land your dream career faster, you must know all the secrets that will guide you through the process. In my teenage years, I thought graduating college was the only weapon I needed to land my dream career.

In my sophomore year, I discovered that it required more than just graduating college. By then, I’d met many people who have graduated college but had not landed their dream career. I began to doubt college!

How to Walk Your Way Out of Debt Faster

Discipline Yourself out of Debt

Whether it is a bill, student loan, personal loan, credit card, you can pay off your debt in a reasonable time if you plan wisely.

Debt Free

A significant number of people will not be able to pay off their debts on time. The accumulated interests add up to the agony and might make the payment process to become even longer. The good news is that there are many debt payment plans that one could use to pay off their debts. The downfall of these tools is that many of them require a big amount of money.

Six Simple Ways to Nail Your Goals in 2017

Why do People Quit Before Achieving Their Goals?

A good number of us construct great goals, but fail to achieve them. Many will quit in a few days after starting. Why? It is because we lose track of the goals and become apathetic in the process.


At the beginning of my career, I constructed many goals but failed to achieve some of them. I felt like I was not working hard enough. Was that true? Of course not! I worked hard to complete the goals on time but fell short.

After some years I came to realize that I was doing it the wrong way. Hard work alone is not enough to complete goals on time. Here is a list of what I’ve discovered that may help you to start achieving your goals aggressively.

4 Easy Ways to Help You Soar Like an Eagle

Change Bad Habits and Avoid Somethings to Soar Like an Eagle

A significant number of people want to soar beyond their limits, but only a few make it. Why? One of the main reasons is that their daily habits do not help them.


When I was going to college for my undergraduate, I thought graduation was the pass to a promising career. Faced with reality I discovered that it was a different story to deal with to achieve the goal of landing a job. It involved making connections, seeking advice, meeting new people, and getting out of my comfort zone. In the course of the past nine years of my career I have learned that if you want to soar like an eagle, you have to change some habits and avoid some things in your life. To help you start your journey, here is  list of four things you need to change or avoid.