Effective Communication is Key to a Long Lasting Relationship

Know When and How to Start a Conversation!

One of the common reasons for spousal relationship failures is the lack of effective communication. Work on your communication skills to build a long lasting relationship.


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Blaming your partner for lack of understanding is easy. Arguably, we pass the blame even though it is our mistake to deliver the message. This action may contribute significantly to poor communication and the relationship collapse.

When my wife and I got married, we could not understand each other the way we do now. I used to blame her for not comprehending my message. Instead, I came to realize that I was not delivering my message right.

5 Things That Make Your Marriage Unsafe

Make Your Marriage Plans the Topic of Your Discussion

It is not an easy task to find that one person to spend the rest of life with, in a marriage. Once you get married, what could you do to keep the marriage safe?


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A study conducted by the Austin Institute for Family and Culture revealed that the number of divorced Americans had lingered between 40 and 50% since the 1970’s.

How to Keep Your Woman Happy

She will be Happy if You Offer Her Your Attention and Be a Good Listener!

Your life could become sweet or bitter if you try to change your woman based on your imaginations!


Imagine returning home from eight hours of work to find your partner waiting for you at the doorsteps, welcomes you with a kiss, hugs you tight, grabs your bag, jacket, and lets you inside the house. She then directs you to sit in a recliner with your legs stretched up. She goes on to remove your shoes and massages your feet while asking you about how your day went. Afterwards, prompts you to go to the shower where she had lit a candle with a fragrance that could knock the hell out of you! After the shower, she prepares the dinner, and the fantasy continues. Life would be perfect, right?