How to Choose the Right Industry to Pursue

Know Your Career Goal Before You Embark on the Journey!

Choosing the right industry requires planning. Above all, we want to work for an industry we like. Sometimes it does not seem easy to find one.


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How do you know if an industry is a good fit for you? This question is a little complex. Before you embark on the journey, find an answer to the most difficult question first.

What is Your Career Goal?

First and foremost, you need to know what your career goal is.  For this purpose, you can explore careers to discover what fits your need. What kind of job makes you feel happy?

Traditional Career: It is a career that is stereotyped for one gender or another. These types of jobs may be natural and less paid.

Non-Traditional Career: This type of career is more enjoyable for both genders. It pays more and has the opportunity of advancement.

Non-Profit Career: It is a kind of a career that one would provide service to others for free. It usually does not pay much and has less to no opportunity for advancement.

What size of a Company in an Industry makes you satisfied?

The size of a company plays a significant role when selecting a career. Explore the sizes of a company and their advantages/disadvantages before you make a decision.

Small Size Company: A family mostly runs this type of business. Although all employees are considered family, there may be an adverse impact.

Sometimes, you may work more hours or during weekends to get things done.

Medium Size Company: Similar to small size business with an advantage of a quick promotion.

You may be able to present your ideas to improve the business and may be well received by the leadership.

If you work hard in this type of business, the administration may recognize your efforts and promote you faster.

Corporate Company: They are well-established companies, which have been in existence for a long time.

In this type of business, you have less influence on the decision making process.

Promotions may be slower due to the number of people employed.

You now have an idea about career type and company size. If you are still not sure about the career and company to work for, here is a chance for you to start connecting.

Connect With the Companies in the Industry

How do you connect with these companies? Some companies like to give tours; call them to schedule one. Chances are, you are connecting with a possible employer.

You can also research about an industry through the internet. There are numerous sites to visit; you can start here: U.S. Census Sector Data | U.S. Census  Industry Snapshot | BOL Industries at Glance.

Connect With Schools Knowledgeable About Industry

Once you have an idea about career and industry, connect with the schools that offer programs.  Schedule time with an advisor to tour different departments and guide you to select a program.

If you can, connect with students within the field. Ask them questions and take notes when you are talking to them. You may gain more knowledge than expected.

Once you have all the information you need, it’s time now to take a step towards your future. It may seem easy but might need some time to get through.

Question: What can you do differently to choose your industry?

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