How to Continue Learning Without Draining Your Pocket

Connect with Likewise Professionals to Keep on Learning from Them.

Going above and beyond is a choice! At any rate, it requires learning, self-determination, and an open-mind.


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You graduated college and landed your dream career, now what? When I landed my first job in 2007, I thought it would be easy to move up. After three years, I discovered that it needed more than having a first job.

Be that as it may, I applied for open positions within the company, but was not hired. I continued submitting applications for existing posts but got rejected multiple times. After a rejection in 2012, I asked the interviewer for the reason she did not hire me.

Nicely, she answered that I was qualified for the position, but she decided to hire the other candidate because the candidate took more steps and was more knowledgeable about the opening.

She also gave me hints about what I needed to do to prepare for the next opening. Here are simple things she gave me that helped me to start moving. If they’d helped, they can help you too to prepare for your next move.

Establish a Connection with a Mentor

First, start with your current employer. Numerous firms have mentoring/coaching programs for their employees. Look for one that is in your area of interest.

Once you locate one, schedule regular meetings to learn from them. Be prepared with your questions before you meet them. During the meeting let them do most of the talk and take notes.

Use Your Employer’s Development Tools

Second, some employers invest big on their employees. Check with your supervisor or the human resources for any options they may have. Ask for what training they support.

If they have one, check with the institution for the schedule. Try by any means to plan the training when there is no need for your full attention. Attending a training to improve yourself should not impact productivity.

Join a Group of Professionals in Your Area

Third, if you have a LinkedIn; use it to connect with likewise professionals. This tool gives you what you need to learn from others in your area. Strive to join the right group.

In the same way, you can also look for a group of professionals in your town. The chamber of commerce is an excellent resource to use when looking for such groups. Like any other tools, take your time to find the right one.

Take on Projects That Will Improve Your Skills

Fourth, you can take on some small projects for other teams in your company. Ask your manager’s approval before you take on any project. Most managers will not refuse if the project helps another team achieve their goal.

While managing a project for another team; be on the look for new skills to learn. Ask other teams questions that will help you grow in your career. Whatever way you approach this, make it a learning opportunity.

In conclusion, what I’ve mentioned here are only a few ways you can learn without affecting your pocket. There are numerous ways you can use to learn.

Question: What other ways can you learn without affecting your pocket?

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