How to Develop a Killer Resume

Write Your Career Story to Catch an Employer’s Attention

Aren’t you sure what to include on your resume? You are not alone. A good number of people drop dry when developing a resume.


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Did I think that having bullet points on a resume was the best thing? Yes, it took me some time to realize that a resume should reflect my brand and tell my career story.

Write your career story to catch an employer’s attention. People in a position to hire go through tons of resumes. Therefore, craft your resume to seize the heart of a possible employer.

What is the best way of writing a resume? What contents need to be on a resume? How can I arrange them?

Start With a Brief Summary

A summary of your accomplishments is the best way to start. It should be in paragraph that consists of three sentences. Hiring managers desire short sentences.

First, include information about your significant accomplishments. Second, mention something about your personality. Third, outline your future ambitions. 

Your summary must be short and precise. At any rate, do not include long or vague sentences. I recommend sentences with no more than 15 words.

List Your Accomplishments

Unless they see your accomplishment, they may not be interested. Sometimes we do not list all our accomplishments. List any in each career you’ve held.

Often, I get asked this question, “What if I don’t have anything to list?” Look out of the box if you do not have anything at work. What about a home project? What about that volunteering activity?

The fact of the matter is that you need to list something. You do not want to leave this area open. It shows the possible employer that you have accomplished something.

List Important Information at the Top

You only have limited room on your resume to use. Do not list unnecessary details on a resume. Leave those details for the interview.

Instead, list what is important at the top of the page. Your summary, accomplishments, and contact information should be at the head of the list. 

Identify Your Transformational Skills

Now that you have listed your accomplishments, how do you relate to others? Employers want to hire someone who can relate to others at the workplace. What are the most desired skills?

Problem Solving: Can you be trusted when problems arise? The norm is that a problem is going to happen. How would you solve it is what most employer need.

Helping Others: What will you do when others need your support at work? Are you going to ignore and focus on your project?

Team Player: Can you work well with others, even when you disagree with them on opinions? A good number of employers are looking for someone who can be a good team player.

You may have more skills; I recommend listing the most desired ones. Three skills would be more than enough. You can use the opportunity to give more at an interview.

Tell Your Career Story

What is your story? Tell what you have been through to get to where you are today. It is not enough to list your work experience in a bullet point.

Start with your current career, stating what you did that helped you get there. Follow through the list of all your jobs within the past ten years. If you are a fresh college graduate, list any internship or a volunteer work.

Get a Formal Design

There are numerous resume designs on the internet, find one that you like and work with it. You can pay someone to craft a resume for you, just make sure they are crafting your story, not theirs.

If you downloaded one, tweak it to suit your story. Whatever you do, do not copy and paste from the sample. Create your own; tell your story not just copying someone else’s.

Check the Resume in Details

Once you have finished developing the resume, check any little detail for small mistakes. The chances are these small mistakes could happen and jeopardize your credibility.

Grammar: Check your grammar when developing your resume. Bad grammar reflects a negative image.

Flow: Have you developed a resume that flows? Is your work experience listed from the most current career down to the oldest one in the past ten years?

Spelling: Make sure that your spelling is correct before you submit your resume.

Build Your Brand

Develop your resume to brand your name. It should all be about you and what you are capable of doing. Your personality is so valuable to an employer.

What good does it make if you are capable of doing your job but do not have a good character? Build a good character and reflect it on your resume.

Question: What is the most important information to include on a resume? 

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