Most Effective Ways to Connect With Employers

Landing a Dream Job Needs More Than Graduating a College.

You’ve graduated from college, now what! I thought it was easy to land a dream career; did not realize it required efforts to connect with employers.


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Landing a dream job needs more than graduating college. Unless you are Bill Gates’ son, do not expect to become Microsoft’s Global Sales Manager after graduation. If that happens, you might be the luckiest person on the planet.

I’ve come to a realization that landing a dream job needs more work than graduating a college. Once a graduate, you must find the industry of your interest. Not only that, you need to connect with them before they can offer you a descent job.

How can you connect with the company of your choice? There are numerous ways you can use to start a relationship with the industry. Here are simple yet powerful ways to connect with an industry. 

Chamber of Commerce

If you live in North America, the chamber of commerce has after-work activities that you can attend. They conduct these activities after work hours. Companies with the chamber’s membership have a booth to show what they have.

Before you commit to any event, develop a business card with your contact information. At the event, give the card to the employers of your choice. You can also ask for their business cards.

Once you have their card, send them a message to start making the connection you need. Be brief and patient, do not rush and ask about openings right away. 

Job Fair Event

Some of the towns organize job fair events. Look in the papers in your home town to find out if one of the companies has a planned event. Chances are, you may find one that fits your need.

When you go to a job fair, be ready with your resume. Most of the employers like to connect with people who are ready. Be prepared to answer some of their questions.

Just be careful not to give them all the details. At this point, keep something that will make them interested in talking to you again. Some details can be left out for an interview.

Hiring Managers

You can connect with any employer directly. Finding a hiring manager may be difficult. Even though it may seem difficult, it does not hurt to try.

Before you start calling them, do your research about the company. I’d also recommend that you be prepared to answer some basic questions about yourself. Once you know a person, call to make an appointment.

An appointment is the best way to connect with a hiring manager. Do not discuss any employment details on the phone. Why? It is easy to say “no” on the phone.

At this point, your goal is to show them your capabilities. Volunteer for them if they have any small projects. Show them what you can do.

The bottom line is, whatever way you decide to connect with an employer; be prepared to answer their fundamental questions. Do not go into details when you first talk to them. Leave the details for an interview.

What else could you do to connect with an employer? 

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