How to Keep Your Woman Happy

She will be Happy if You Offer Her Your Attention and Be a Good Listener!

Your life could become sweet or bitter if you try to change your woman based on your imaginations!


Imagine returning home from eight hours of work to find your partner waiting for you at the doorsteps, welcomes you with a kiss, hugs you tight, grabs your bag, jacket, and lets you inside the house. She then directs you to sit in a recliner with your legs stretched up. She goes on to remove your shoes and massages your feet while asking you about how your day went. Afterwards, prompts you to go to the shower where she had lit a candle with a fragrance that could knock the hell out of you! After the shower, she prepares the dinner, and the fantasy continues. Life would be perfect, right?

Unfortunately, that is not what happens in each household. Sometimes, we, the men try to change our significant others to fulfill our imaginations. We are all wired differently yet created equally. Changing another person to suit a vision could be toxic for a relationship. Women in their nature are willing to give all if men treat them well and give them the attention they need. Yes, I said it, “Attention.” They need it and quite honestly deserve it. To make her happy, here are some simple things you can change to give her the attention she deserves.

Be a Good Listener: I have heard it multiple times from men that their significant others are naggers. Is it true? In most cases, it is not. Women express themselves when they sit down and talk. They can also sense it when someone they are talking to is not paying attention. When they don’t get the attention, they will try to get the attention by cranking the volume higher.

To give her the attention she deserves; drop everything, sit tight, and just listen. You also need to give her some compliments; they do like compliments. Look for clues to clearly understand her message. For example, if she says to you, “Honey, the kids would like to spend time with you.” What does that mean? It means you are spending more time away from the family; either at work or with your friends.

Be Patient Do Not Push It: When it comes to sexual life, they need their time and space. When your significant other says she is tired; take that into consideration. She does many things to provide comfort for you and the family. Instead of pushing it hard, give her the time and space. Master the sweet-talk skills to make her buy in.

Express to her that you understand her situation and appreciate what she does for you and the family. Sometimes when women say they are tired or need their time and space, they might be asking you to shower and spoil them with LOVE. Be romantic, but patient. Otherwise, pushing it hard might make matters worse.

Take Her Out : Women do more these days. For example: some might take their kids to schools, other might go to work, and some might stay home and take care of the household needs. Doing all these activities, they need a break to relax and rejuvenate.

As the man, do your best to take her out and spend time with her. This gesture will free some of her time to focus on you instead of her long to-do list. If you can’t take her out as suggested, help complete one of task of her to-do list.

Light the Love Candle: Just remember how it was when you were still dating; life was good that you wanted to see and talk to her every second. Most of us forget about that and start to check-in as needed or when there is a problem to solve. Instead, try to keep the love candle burning; it will only help you in making her happy.

Small gestures always count if given in a caring way. Help her in the house, do the cleaning, wash the dishes, prepare dinner, do the laundry. Give her that sweet romantic talk. These small gestures help in creating a happy environment. It demonstrated to her that you care.

Take the Driver’s Seat: A woman feels secured when she knows that her man is in control. How many of you sometimes feel like your significant other is just asking you to do things for her? Sometimes my wife will ask me about what to wear when she has already made up her mind.

Most of the times, women just want to give men the driver’s seat. Do not be disappointed when they ask you to do something you don’t want to do or feel like it is a silly thing. They are comfortable when you show them that you are willing to take initiative.

In the end, we all need some sort of attention. Those who discover the value of treating a woman right make life easier for themselves. These are only a few necessary steps that men can take towards creating a happy environment for their significant others. We as men can always do more.

Question: What else would you do to keep your significant other happy? 

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