How We Paid Less Attention to our Daughters and Sons Failure

A True Friend will not Let You Down

There was a little girl who lived with her parents, an older brother, and a baby sister in a small and busy town. Everyone in the neighborhood seemed busy with their lives and paid less attention to one another.


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At a certain point in her life, the little girl thought that no one cared about her because no one paid attention to her needs.  All that she wanted was a friend who could talk to her and take her to places she had wished to visit.

One day, she approached her father and asked him, “Dad why is it that I always don’t get what I want in life?” Her dad dropped what he was doing and calmly replied to her, “Child, you can not always get what you want in life.”

How many of you reading this blog post now think you are in the same boat with the girl? The fact of the matter is that life will not always give us what we wish to have. Do our children know that? Some yes, but some do not.

We’ve Failed to Tell Them that Life is Hard

The father continued explaining to his daughter. Sometimes life will knock you down; do not surrender, you’ve got to keep on getting up and moving. You will always not get what you want the way you want it.

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Some things will be out of your control, learn how to accept them and move on with your life. No matter how difficult it might be, pick yourself up and keep moving. You may encounter tragedies; you may lose a loved one.

Do not allow any of these difficulties make you lose hope. Hope is your best friend in times of turbulence. The little girl was comforted by her dad’s words that day.

We’ve Failed To Tell Them to be Patient

On another occasion, she grew impatient because she could not find her misplaced earrings. “I did not find my jewelry, could you just buy me a new one?” She asked her mom. Mom replied, “Be patient and keep looking.”

We have grown so impatient these days; especially, with the new technology that promises us speed. We have failed to tell our youngsters that life needs patience. Without patience, we may miss what was meant for us.

The mother tells her daughter that she may not get what she wants on time. She encouraged her daughter to keep seeking what she wants until she gets them. We all can learn from this mother, and keep working on our wants.

We’ve Failed to Tell Them Who is a True Friend

It was getting late that night, the girl went to her older brother’s room to say to him good night but found him crying. “What is wrong?” She asked him. He answered, “Everybody hates me.”

It had occurred the day before that her brother’s Facebook friends blocked him because of a comment he made online. Because of this, he thought that everybody hated him. The girl ran to her mom to tell her what took place.

The mom came and explained to her son not to pay more attention to Facebook fans. She encouraged him to go out and make true friends. A true friend will not let you down; even when you make a mistake.

We’ve Failed to Show Them How Relationships are Built

The girl proceeded on to her baby sister’s room and saw her sister playing with her doll. She approached and said, “Good night little sister.” Her sister replied, “Please come and tell me a good night story, I feel lonely.”

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She came into the room, told her sister a short story that night. They spent quality time playing until the little sister fell asleep. Sometimes, all that we need is to spend quality time with each other.

Our world today keep us busy not having time to spend with our loved ones. Try to spend some time with your loved ones, even if it is ten minutes. They will feel loved and appreciated.

Question: What else have we done that failed our daughters and sons?

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