How to Know What to Major in College

Is What You Want to Major in College Your Passion?

There are a good number of questions people ask about success. The question they frequently ask is whether they should attend a college or not. And if they attend a college, what major should they pursue?


When I decided to attend a college, I was blessed to meet an advisor who helped. I’d wanted to become a computer programmer. After multiple meetings with the advisor, it became apparent to me that I was not a programmer material. I am thankful today that I decided not to pursue programming. Do not understand me wrong; there is nothing bad about programming, it just wasn’t meant for me.

Some people will succeed without a college degree, and some won’t. College by itself is not a guarantee of success; it just opens many doors one could use to pursue their success. If you are convinced that college is the route you want to take; be prepared to answer these questions. The answers to these questions may vary from one person to another but will support you in the process of choosing your college major.

What is Your Passion? First and foremost, you must make clear what your passionate is. Whether you want to be a programmer or a sales representative; it has to be your passion. You don’t want to follow others footsteps; make it your own.

Why Do You Want to Attend a College? You must have a clear understanding of why you want to go to college. What is the driving force making you go to college? Here are some examples of why people go to college.

  • Prestige: Some people see it prestigious when they have a college degree.
  • Earn The Big Bucks: Others want to go to college to earn a degree that will give the opportunity to make more money.
  • Fun: Another portion of people go to college because it is fun.
  • Knowledge: A good number of people go to college because they want to gain more knowledge about the subject of their study.

The bottom line is that you want to find the reason why you want to attend a college. It will motivate you on your journey to success.

Is What You Want to Major Marketable? Once you know your passion and the reason you want to attend college, research the market. Is what you want to major in marketable? Will you be hired after you graduate college? These are only a few of the questions you must answer before you decide what major to pursue.

How Long are You Planning to Attend the College? Some will choose to go to a two years community college, others will choose to go to a four years university. It depends on how long you can afford to be in college. The answer to this question may dictate your major; some majors require four years of college.

How Much Money Can You Afford? If you are planning to spend less in college tuition, then a community college could be your choice. If money is not a problem for you, a four years college may be your best bet. No matter what you decide, let it be your passion.

In conclusion, before you enroll in a college, you must answer most of the above questions. My advisor supported me, but I made my decision. Remember it is your time and money that you are going to spend; take the decisions wisely.

Questions: What other questions will you answer about attending a college? 

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