5 Secrets to Landing Your Dream Career

Is College Graduation Alone Enough for Landing a Dream Career?

If you want to land your dream career faster, you must know all the secrets that will guide you through the process. In my teenage years, I thought graduating college was the only weapon I needed to land my dream career.

In my sophomore year, I discovered that it required more than just graduating college. By then, I’d met many people who have graduated college but had not landed their dream career. I began to doubt college!

How to Walk Your Way Out of Debt Faster

Discipline Yourself out of Debt

Whether it is a bill, student loan, personal loan, credit card, you can pay off your debt in a reasonable time if you plan wisely.

Debt Free

A significant number of people will not be able to pay off their debts on time. The accumulated interests add up to the agony and might make the payment process to become even longer. The good news is that there are many debt payment plans that one could use to pay off their debts. The downfall of these tools is that many of them require a big amount of money.

How to Recover from a Terrible Mistake

When You Make a Mistake Take the Next Right Step

In my early career years, I felt like any mistake I made created a negative impact on my career. As I grew throughout the years and continued to grow in my career, I’ve only discovered that the opposite is true.


Depending on how you perceive and deal with it, a mistake might impact you negative or positively. If you take your mistake and learn from it, it will reflect positively, and you’ll be able to overcome it quickly.

Six Simple Ways to Nail Your Goals in 2017

Why do People Quit Before Achieving Their Goals?

A good number of us construct great goals, but fail to achieve them. Many will quit in a few days after starting. Why? It is because we lose track of the goals and become apathetic in the process.


At the beginning of my career, I constructed many goals but failed to achieve some of them. I felt like I was not working hard enough. Was that true? Of course not! I worked hard to complete the goals on time but fell short.

After some years I came to realize that I was doing it the wrong way. Hard work alone is not enough to complete goals on time. Here is a list of what I’ve discovered that may help you to start achieving your goals aggressively.

How to Keep Your Woman Happy

She will be Happy if You Offer Her Your Attention and Be a Good Listener!

Your life could become sweet or bitter if you try to change your woman based on your imaginations!


Imagine returning home from eight hours of work to find your partner waiting for you at the doorsteps, welcomes you with a kiss, hugs you tight, grabs your bag, jacket, and lets you inside the house. She then directs you to sit in a recliner with your legs stretched up. She goes on to remove your shoes and massages your feet while asking you about how your day went. Afterwards, prompts you to go to the shower where she had lit a candle with a fragrance that could knock the hell out of you! After the shower, she prepares the dinner, and the fantasy continues. Life would be perfect, right?

4 Easy Ways to Help You Soar Like an Eagle

Change Bad Habits and Avoid Somethings to Soar Like an Eagle

A significant number of people want to soar beyond their limits, but only a few make it. Why? One of the main reasons is that their daily habits do not help them.


When I was going to college for my undergraduate, I thought graduation was the pass to a promising career. Faced with reality I discovered that it was a different story to deal with to achieve the goal of landing a job. It involved making connections, seeking advice, meeting new people, and getting out of my comfort zone. In the course of the past nine years of my career I have learned that if you want to soar like an eagle, you have to change some habits and avoid some things in your life. To help you start your journey, here is  list of four things you need to change or avoid.

6 Ways to Keep a Team Motivated

A Team Leader Who Motivates Team Gets More Done!

In my teenage years, my classmates asked me to lead a group of teenagers to plan a summer picnic towards the end of the school year.


That was a big deal to me, a summer picnic? I imagined myself leading the group to plan a killer picnic, all the chicks surrounding me, and everyone else congratulating me for a job well done. What a dream! I started giving orders to the group; you know how teenagers dislike what I was doing. I thought I was killing it.

To make a long story short, I blew it and ended up doing almost all the planning activities on my own. If you ask me to do the same thing today, I’d instead motivate my team members to plan the picnic.

4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Employee Engagement


A significant number of authors have written articles about employee engagement. We’ve read some of these articles and have even adopted some of the activities presented in them. Why are we not fully engaged in our work? It is because sometimes we fail to understand our responsibilities towards employee engagement; thinking that it is our manager’s responsibility to motivate us.