How to Recover from a Terrible Mistake

When You Make a Mistake Take the Next Right Step

In my early career years, I felt like any mistake I made created a negative impact on my career. As I grew throughout the years and continued to grow in my career, I’ve only discovered that the opposite is true.


Depending on how you perceive and deal with it, a mistake might impact you negative or positively. If you take your mistake and learn from it, it will reflect positively, and you’ll be able to overcome it quickly.

On the other hand, it becomes harmful if you get stuck at the moment and take no actions to move on. It shouldn’t be that difficult to overcome. If you make a mistake and would like to overcome it; here are some steps that may help you in the process.

Examine the Situation and Its Impact: The first thing you need to do is to acknowledge the problem and its implications. You might discover that the impact is not what you’ve imagined. Sometimes we exaggerate our problems.

The exaggeration makes us over-think and does nothing about the situation. Therefore, we get stuck in one place rather than taking action to find solutions to correct the mistake.

Examine Your Options: Knowing you have a problem and what impact it presents is half the battle. Examination each option carefully before you decide on which one you will take to correct the mistake.

There are a good number of ideas and responses you may use; look for what is best for your situation and take action. Surprisingly, you might discover that your mistake is another door opener.

Focus on What You Can Control: When we stumble and fall, we tend to over-think rather than taking simple steps to get up. Most of the times, we spend time thinking about things out of our control.

In reality, this won’t help us to come back; it kills the time. Instead of thinking about the situation, take action towards your comeback. Forget about things that you can’t control; they will just waste your time.

Take the Next Best Option: Once you have discovered what you can control; it is time to take action to correct your mistake. You might have good options, but what matters is the next best option.

What good does it make if you have the best solution and not take action it? One step forward with the best solution will keep you going, not stuck in the same spot.

Carry on with Solution: A significant number of people will spend their time thinking about what took place. The matter of the fact is that spending time thinking about the past won’t change anything in the future.

Instead of spending time thinking about what had taken place, spend the time working on what you have in front of you. Let go the past, focus on today to shape what is coming ahead of you.

Make Peace with Yourself: It is hard especially when we believe that there was something we could have done to prevent the situation. Most of us will hold it upon themselves for an extended period of time.

I just want you to remember that we don’t have control over everything. Make peace with yourselves and move on to the next step. Forgive yourself for your shortcomings and continue with your life.

Question: What else could you do to overcome a horrible mistake? 

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