Why You Should Say YES To Experiences That Scare You

You Gain The Focus, Learn New Perspective, and Become Stronger

Highly successful people are those with a habit of saying YES to experiences that scare them. How would you answer the call if faced with a scary experience?


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When I was a young soccer player, I usually controlled the ball using my right foot. For those of you who played soccer before, you know that a good soccer player must use both feet for a good ball control. I was afraid to use my left foot because I had this idea that my left foot was not good enough to control the ball.

One day I was playing as a defender and tried to kick a ball on my left side using my right foot. I lost balance and felt down. My opponent took the ball and scored a goal on us.

After the game, I was sad because I was the reason my team lost the game. My goalkeeper realized that I was sad and calmly said to me, “You know you could have cleared that ball if you used your left foot.” I replied, “I am not a left footer and am afraid I would make more mistakes using my left foot.” He replied, “Do not be scared, just try using your left foot next time you have an opportunity.”

Since that day I started using my left foot to control the ball whenever there is an opportunity. After a while, I started getting better and better every time I used my left foot.  Sometimes, we get afraid of doing something because it looks or sounds scary. But once we start, we become successful in doing that thing.

I am not asking you to jump in and take any scary experience that comes your way. Examine each experience and react appropriately. If it’s scary and worth taking, I would personally take it. If it’s creepy but not worth taking, I will run away from it. Why is a scary experience good for you?

It Makes You Focus

Who wouldn’t concentrate when doing something scary? Because it is scary, you pay full attention towards what you are doing to avoid any mistakes. An error during a scary task could lead to a tragic ending; no one wants to have a dramatic ending.

You Learn New Perspective

When something seems scary, people try hard to find ways to get through it. They will plan for it several times before they execute it. Sometimes, fear makes us think out of the box. Thinking out of the box may help us discover new ideas.

You Become Stronger

Once you move past that scary experience, it may seem easy when you face it again. At the end of the day, you may notice that you were stronger than that experience. I encourage you to say YES to scary experiences; they may make you stronger.


If you think that you have a scary experience coming your way, do not avoid it. Chances are, you are going to gain a new perspective, become stronger, and learn how to focus on one task at a time.

Question: How would you react when you face a scary experience?

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