Why You Should Think about the Total Solution of Your Goal

When you stop thinking about our goals, you stop working on them

Do you always think about the total solution before you start to work on any goal? Allow your final product to linger in your mind before you embark on the journey of creating it.


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What is your future goal? What’s the one big goal that you want to accomplish in your life? Start imagining yourself living that dream. You might be wondering about how does thinking about a goal help you?

It will Help You to Start Working on the Goal

How many of you have had great ideas and have allowed them to fade away? I suppose a significant number of you would answer yes to this question. We all have great ideas that come to our minds every day but fade away.

Why are those great ideas fading away? The first reason is that we don’t act upon them. We also do not go back to think about the total solution of those ideas. Therefore, these thoughts fade away like smoke in the air. 

If you have a great idea, develop a habit of thinking about it again and again. Why should you keep on thinking about it? It will stick in your mind and will motivate you to start taking actions on these ideas.

It will Keep You Moving Forward

Sometimes, we start working on the goal, get destructed and stop the entire process. Why does this happen to us? it happens because we stop thinking about the total solution of our goals. We ignore the complete answer to our thoughts. 

When we stop thinking about our goals, we stop working on them. The destruction we get when working on a goal are tremendous. They take us off track, and we get stuck and do nothing to get back on track.

To continue moving on, you must stay focused on your final solution. Always keep the ultimate answer on your mind, it will help you to get unstuck and get back on the track. Otherwise, you will stay off the path for a while.

It will Help You to Finish Your Goals

How many times have you abandoned your goals when you felt you were close to getting done. I have been there, I have stopped working on some goals I almost got completed. What are the main role players?

There are numerous reasons for quitting. But the most common cause is that we lose focus. We lose focus because we stop thinking about the total solution to what we are about to accomplish.

To cross the finish line, we must stay focused on the final destination. It is natural to face many turbulences when we are close to the finish line. The news is that you will eventually cross the finish line if you stay focused.

Question: What else can you do to stay focused on your goals?

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