How to Write a Brilliant Project Executive Summary

An Executive Summary is The backbone of a Project Plan

Sometimes we have good project plans but fall short in presenting them. A poor-developed Executive Summary often leads to a project denial.


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How can we present projects to make the stakeholders buy-in? The answer lies in a well-prepared project proposal. Even though a project proposal has many parts, I am going to draw my focus to the Executive Summary. Why? The Executive Summary is the backbone of a project plan.

Although it is called a summary, it should have enough information for you to sell your ideas to the stakeholders. A good number of people come short in writing the Executive Summary thinking that it should be brief and precise. A well-written Executive Summary should have these four main points in it.

The Project Description

The project description is like an attention catcher in a public speaking. It should explain the project and why should someone hire you for it. Outline what you have done and what you are capable of doing if they hire you.

You need to have a short bragging list of what you have accomplished. Your positive results and what time have you spent to achieve them. In other words, you must sell yourself here.

What Solution are You Offering

What is it you are offering them? You can explain how your solution is going to solve their problem. Most companies would pay more attention to what you can provide to solve their problem.

Do not miss your opportunity by leaving some details out. List all the problems your solution will fix and the impact it will bring. Do not shy away with more information left out.

Why Does Your Solution Stand Out From Others?

Why do they need the solution you are offering? Before they can hire you, a company wants to know why should they go with your solution. Is it going to solve their problem?

At this point, you need to specify how the company is going to benefit from your solution. Explain to them why they need your solution. On the other hand, let them know what they are missing without your solution.

What is The Prove That You Can Do the Job?

Why would they trust you with the project? List all the evidence you have for your solution to their problem. You can mention where you have applied your solution or who else have benefited from it.

Most of the people would like to see evidence before they hire someone for a project. Bring any visual aid to the picture if you have any. Bring samples of your work to show them.

To be hired for a project, you must have a clear Executive Summary when writing the project proposal. A good number of people will write short paragraphs about the Executive Summary, but miss the main points in it. Even though it is called SUMMARY, it does not have to be brief. 

Why do you think project proposal get rejected? 

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