How to Lead Your Team Without Authority

Influence Them to Achieve the Tasks Instead of giving Commands.

A good leader knows how to lead a team to a destination without giving commands. This quality of leadership is rare, especially when we want to accomplish more with less people.


Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash

In my first job for non-for-profit organization, I scheduled maintenance for eight cars. Even though I was not their direct supervisor, I worked closely with the drivers. We tracked the mileage of these cars to schedule the maintenance. Soon I realized that I was not getting what I wanted because of the way I was requesting it.

4 Types of Personalities for Your Team Success

Know Each Personality and How to Interact with Them Accordingly!

Nobody wants to struggle anymore; we want our tasks and projects completed without any road blocks. We tend to select those with our same personality to avoid challenges those with different personalities might impose to our opinions. 

The truth is, we are missing opportunities. Active teams are those with people who have different personalities to complete each other.

6 Ways to Keep a Team Motivated

A Team Leader Who Motivates Team Gets More Done!

In my teenage years, my classmates asked me to lead a group of teenagers to plan a summer picnic towards the end of the school year.


That was a big deal to me, a summer picnic? I imagined myself leading the group to plan a killer picnic, all the chicks surrounding me, and everyone else congratulating me for a job well done. What a dream! I started giving orders to the group; you know how teenagers dislike what I was doing. I thought I was killing it.

To make a long story short, I blew it and ended up doing almost all the planning activities on my own. If you ask me to do the same thing today, I’d instead motivate my team members to plan the picnic.