7 Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From Playing Soccer

Create and Sustain a Personal Level Relationship with Your Team Members

Soccer is a game that one must start playing at an early age to grasp it. Even though critics of this game say it is not violent; it is physical and requires all players physically fit to be more competitive.


Just imagine working out at a gym for 90 minutes; how would your body feel after that? Okay, soccer is not 90 minutes non-stop; there is a 10 minutes break between the two 45 minutes halves. Playing this game has taught me some life lessons that I wouldn’t have typically learned.

I’ve learned that good team members understand and have each other’s backs. They work together to complete each other. They shine in the position they play, but are aware of the other areas in case they are obliged to cover for each other. Here are other valuable life lessons I’ve learned from playing soccer.

Maintain a Personal Level Relationship: As captain of the team, you must create and sustain a personal level relationship with your team members. Why? Getting to know them at a personal level is the most efficient way to motivate them. They will contribute more when they feel motivated and valued.

Each Team Member Has a Part to Play: On a contrary, each team member has a role to play. The entire team will not function well unless each member understands and plays their role. One member not carrying out their task may pull the entire team backward.

Do Not Criticize Each Other: Criticism creates a hostile situation between team members and may negatively affect their performance. Instead of criticizing each other, encourage one another to do a better job. Encouragement lifts the person’s moral to play better next time.

Understand What Your Opponent is Doing Differently: Beating an opponent requires the to know them and their tactics. What is the opponent doing that makes them different? The team needs to discover a way to play better than their opponent.

Never Underestimate Your Opponent: Sometimes teams tend to underestimate their opponents and lower their game plan. Understand that your opponent is working hard to get to your level and even better than you. No matter what league you play in, be in it to win it. Work hard as if you are playing against the champions.

It is Not Over Until it is Over: Do not slow playing until the referee blows the end of the game whistle. How many times have you seen teams coming from behind to win a game? The same applies to soccer, especially when you are winning by a difference of one goal. Play hard as if you’ve just started the game.

Amuse Your Crowd: To keep your crowd cheering for your team, offer something new to trigger them. If you continue playing at the same level each time, the crowd may be bored and not cheer anymore. Always look for new ways of doing things, and you will have a crowd.

Question: What other life lessons have you learned from soccer?

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