How Bad Do You Want to Achieve Your Goal?

Start with the Most Challenging Aspect of Your Goal

What is it that motivates you to achieve your crafted goal? Many people will craft great goals; only a few will accomplish them because they lack motivators when their plans don’t go their way.


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Examine your goal for reasons why you badly want to achieve it. What is the reward you’ll have for achieving your career goal? If it’s a personal goal what are you going to win in the end? What is in it for you and those you’ll serve?

Why You Should Think about the Total Solution of Your Goal

When you stop thinking about our goals, you stop working on them

Do you always think about the total solution before you start to work on any goal? Allow your final product to linger in your mind before you embark on the journey of creating it.


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I love technology and helping other people by any means. To make the love of technology and helping others a reality I’d always dreamed about showing people how to use technology. This action has helped me to shape my career.

4 Ways to Escape the Dilemma of “I am not Ready Yet”

What Will People Say About My Ideas?

We have great ideas within us, but the vast majority of us will never act on these ideas. We fall into the dilemma of “I am not ready yet” and abandon these ideas.


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To illustrate, I had the idea of starting my blog for many years, but had been delaying it for quite a while. I’d created some excuses for not starting. I convinced myself that I could not do it.

5 Common Lies Procrastination Keep Telling You

If You Postpone It Today, You Will Most Likely Postpone It Tomorrow!

Growing up, I had a bad habit of overthinking without taking actions. Because of the negative impact of the practice, I’ve missed some great opportunities to achieve my life goals.


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Not until recent years, I came to realize that I’d fallen into the trap of procrastination. I had been planning for my life but took no actions on my plans. If you ask me today about all the dreams I had, I’ll give you a dozen of them.

Why You Should Say YES To Experiences That Scare You

You Gain The Focus, Learn New Perspective, and Become Stronger

Highly successful people are those with a habit of saying YES to experiences that scare them. How would you answer the call if faced with a scary experience?


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When I was a young soccer player, I usually controlled the ball using my right foot. For those of you who played soccer before, you know that a good soccer player must use both feet for a good ball control. I was afraid to use my left foot because I had this idea that my left foot was not good enough to control the ball.

5 Ways to Improve Yourself to Start Winning

Visualize Your Achievements Even When They are Not a Reality Yet!

Do you frequently find yourself off track from completing your tasks? Have you ever failed to keep up winning with a daily routine?


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How many times have you setup a goal and end up quitting before you complete it? If so, this post is for you. It will give you strategies that may help you to start winning.

3 Most Effective Ways to Develop Yourself

Embrace the Habit of Learning!

Success does not magically happen; one must have an open mind and the willingness to develop and explore different ways of doing things. Undeniably, it requires self-determination and a thoughtful plan.


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Have you ever wondered why others are successful while you are not? Of course, each one of us has a dream of becoming successful. Unfortunately, we fail to recognize the effort it takes to become successful.

Learn These 6 Tricks to Control Your Life

Focus Your Energy on One Task at a Time, You Will Get More Done

Imagine waking up in the morning, go to work, do tons of activities, and come home at the end of the day feeling you’ve accomplished nothing. If you’ve experienced this feeling, know that something needs to be done about it. 

Take Control

I used to swing it at work; starting my day with emails once I power on my laptop. I then jump into action on activities that come my way and continue like that until the end of the day.

7 Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From Playing Soccer

Create and Sustain a Personal Level Relationship with Your Team Members

Soccer is a game that one must start playing at an early age to grasp it. Even though critics of this game say it is not violent; it is physical and requires all players physically fit to be more competitive.


Just imagine working out at a gym for 90 minutes; how would your body feel after that? Okay, soccer is not 90 minutes non-stop; there is a 10 minutes break between the two 45 minutes halves. Playing this game has taught me some life lessons that I wouldn’t have typically learned.

How to Recover from a Terrible Mistake

When You Make a Mistake Take the Next Right Step

In my early career years, I felt like any mistake I made created a negative impact on my career. As I grew throughout the years and continued to grow in my career, I’ve only discovered that the opposite is true.


Depending on how you perceive and deal with it, a mistake might impact you negative or positively. If you take your mistake and learn from it, it will reflect positively, and you’ll be able to overcome it quickly.