5 Steps to Develop an Engaging Career Growth Goal

Become ambitious for career growth.

Have you ever thought about a career growth goal? Does your answer describe an improvement or same as where you have been in the past five years?

Career Growth Goals

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I made a mistake that most of us do when we start a new career. I had no plan for personal and career growth. Unfortunately, that act came to haunt me later in my career.

Although, I thought that doing the job right was enough to take me to the next level, I was wrong. Do not understand me wrong, doing the job right is still the best way to build your character.

Growth, on the other hand, is different. Like anything else, you own your personal and career growth. Start your career growth today if you haven’t started yet.

Develop a Clear Career Growth Goal

In my opinion, you can not achieve a career growth goal unless you plan and write it down. Here is how you develop a clear career goal.

1. Reflect on Previous Year: What have you achieved in your prior year? How can you use your achievements to craft your goals?

2. Check Job Trends: There are many job trending research that you can utilize to plan your career growth. So, look for the ones that will serve you best with your career growth goals.

3. Expand Your Network: Create a network of professionals in your area. They will help you to carve your career growth.

Become Ambitious for Growth

A career growth goal without being ambitious will not serve you. Hence, you have got to be hungry for career growth. What is it that makes you want to grow? Is it money, or you want to provide more to your employer?

Find a reason for your career growth, else you won’t be serious about it. That reason can be a motivator for you to continue growing. There is a hidden cause, try to find and use it. 

Look for Career Growth Opportunities

A good number of employers have career growth tools that you can utilize. Many have developmental tools, but fail to use them. On the other hand, employees don’t know that their employers have these tools.

Remember that it is your career growth goal, do something about it. Ask your employer for career growth options. You need to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your growth and development.

Develop a Habit of Doing More Than Expected

Sometimes, we do what is required from us to keep our jobs. We check-in in the morning, do our minimum work and check-out. Is this act helping us grow in our career?

Instead, do more than what is expected. Come in the first in the morning and be that one person who leaves after everyone has left. It might be challenging, but may significantly help you develop yourself.

Support Others to Achieve their Goals

Similarly, supporting others in your work-place could help you in your career growth. When you help others, consider it as a learning opportunity as well. Make use of any opportunity that can help you grow.

Before you starting helping others, talk to you manager about it. Get your manager’s approval before you consider this option. Some managers might not be open to this idea.

Question: What else can you do to grow in your career?

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