How to Land an Entry Level Job

You've Got to Start Somewhere and Build Yourself to Reach Your Dream Job.

A significant number of people have the hope of landing a dream job right after college. Unfortunately, only a few may succeed in this matter. Start with an entry level job that will prepare you.


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For some people, it takes a long time to even decide on what their dream job may be. Do not be disappointed if you don’t land your dream job right away. Instead, start somewhere and build yourself to reach the job.

When I was growing up, my dream was to become a pilot. That dream faded away after some few years. Nothing is wrong with dreaming; you may have many of them before you settle with one.

As I can see, we need to take some steps before our dreams become a reality. That is why we need an entry level job to give us the start. Here is a list of what can help you land a decent entry level job:

Create a Killer Resume

I am not going to talk a lot about creating a killer resume. I have already written a blog for this topic. All that I can say is to write a short resume that contains necessary information.

Even though, I said a short resume; do not leave any required information out. Write it in a way that makes the reader wanting to interview you. Leave the details for the interview.

Prepare a High-Quality Cover Letter

Additionally, I ask that you spend some time to develop a cover letter. It will significantly help you to land a better entry level job. In the cover letter, summarize the projects you have done.

Again, I’d encourage you to provide a high-level information. Provide main points of what you want to say. The more you give in a cover letter, the more you are limiting your chances for an interview.

Develop a LinkedIn Profile

Why do you need a LinkedIn profile? LinkedIn is a great place to meet other professionals in your field. Create a profile and start connecting with others who have the same passion.

Once you have a LinkedIn profile, start posting technical information. It will make others want to connect with you. Just be careful not to post politics or other stuff unsuitable for LinkedIn.

Be Careful of What You Post on Social Media

Social media is a useful tool for displaying what is on your mind. Be mindful of what you post online. Be kind to your audience and post positive information to build your online presence.

Of course, negative posts will impact your online presence negatively. A good number of employers check social media as part of their interview process. They might stumble upon your negative posts.

Make and Keep Good Friends

Make good friends who will be there to support when you need them. They may help you connect with possible employers. They may also give you suggestions when you need them.

In conclusion, do not make friends only to bombard them with your questions. Be ready to give them your support when they need it. Be nice to them, they will be kind to you, and your friendship will last for a long time.

Question: What are other tools you have used to land an entry level job?

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